Nordic Film at My School 2008-2009 Nordic Film at My School 2008-2009

Project “Nordic film at my school. Discovering the other“ is part of the programme „Film at my school“ that was initiated in 2006. In this project we invite the teachers not only to use films in classes, gain knowledge about the film language but also to have a closer look at the contemporary Danish, Finnish, Swedish films and their film education practice. The aim of this project is to show that film is a multi-layer production open for different analytical approaches. The Nordic countries film programme is designed referring to the theme – „to know the other“. This theme was chosen after considering the need to nurture tolerance, respect, and curiosity among the young people living in a complex multicultural society. We encourage to apply creatively the programme‘s films, their analysis and interpretation in the classes of literature, languages, history, political science, philosophy, civic education, arts and other classes of informal training.

In the centre of the first part of the project (April 2008) - two-days seminar led by the lecturers Henrik Højer (Denmark) and Eva Westergren (Sweden), who are actively engaged in the field of film education in Scandinavian countries. The experts presented the possibilities of the selected Nordic films when employing them as an educational tool, and shared their experience with the programme’s organizers and 30 teachers from five Lithuanian cities. Afterwards the methodical publication was issued. Whereas in the second part of the project (2008 autumn) we aimed to introduce the publication and films to a wide range of interested Lithuanian teachers.

In two months time (October-November) we organized ten seminars aimed at teachers who wish to gain an insight into methodology of using the film in their disciplines and project‘s films. More than 300 teachers in all Lithuania were addressed. After the seminars, the teachers started work with those films in their schools, and in the end of a year the evaluative seminar will be held.

Project is recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science.