Film at My School 2006-2007 Film at My School 2006-2007

In 2006-2007 in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science the first nation-wide film education project “Film at my school 2006“ was initiated. The pedagogues from 240 schools took part in the seminars, where the principles of the film language and ways of using films in the classes were introduced. The lectures were given by philosophers dr. Nerijus Milerius, dr. Tomas Sodeika and film researcher Skirmantas Valiulis. In the seminars the possibilities of using the films as education tool were presented, as well as the film education practices in west European countries and media literacy concept. With the assistance of the lecturers the teachers analysed the extracts of films, overviewed the methodical material prepared for the project.

After the seminars, the pedagogues started to work with the films in their schools – the films were shown and discussions held for the students of 9-12 classes. The project film programme embraced „Forest of the Gods” (director Algimantas Puipa), internationally acknowledged documentary film „Before Flying Back to the Earth “ (director Arunas Matelis), “Monsieur Ibrahim” (director Francois Dupeyron) and documentary film “The Arm-wrestler from Solitude” (director Lisa Munthe). The project was evaluated in the round-table discussion with the project participants and representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science.