About the Programme About the Programme
"Film at my school" is the first programme in Lithuania exploring film potential in Lithuanian educational system, comprehensive schools in particular. Programme is led by media education centre "Meno avilys" that was established in 2005.
When answering the question "how useful are the films in learning process", progamme‘s authors claim that the learning process shall not be based only upon knowledge provision, however seek for creativity and independent thinking within this. Film serves as an extremely attractive media for students due to its embrace of different subjects and themes: from Decalogue to the issues of Baltic Sea pollution, from geography to art critic aspects. This variety of themes enables the film to be used in number of different disciplines.
The position of film as a credible part of the educational process is preconditioned by the altered concept of literacy (referring to the last decade of the 20th century). In the West European educational systems the literacy started to be talked about in a much wider context. A book has lost the position of a single "legitimate" media. In the end of the twentieth century it was acknowledged that one is as literate as is capable to conceive the info provided by the audiovisual medias as well (such as films, TV emissions, video works, animations, internet, video games).
Programme „Film at my school" introduces the peculiarities of the film language to the Lithuanian pedagogues and offers efficient and creative ways of using film in the education process. It is aimed to integrate film into the formal education through three relevant senses:
  • As a media that provides students with the additional information and knowledge in different fields
  • As a media that nurtures student's visual literacy that is critical when aiming to develop the ability to think critically.
  • As a media that develops creative skills.
We kindly invite you to participate in our programme, exchange the ideas, experience and needs.